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Technical Project Manager/Integrator

Focussing on physics based sensor applications requires a sound interest in technology, since a lot of domains (physics, electronics, software development, applications) are relevant.

To learn about what we do and who does what, you initially will focus on internal projects involving scientists, s/w developers and testers. Later on you will be exposed to external projects involving engineering and moreover, external customers. In this role you are not expected to do some in-detail Gantt chart tracking for each and every activity, but it is needed you understand dependencies, can make rough time lines, and find ways to develop / maintain momentum in a project. Proactiveness is an important competence we seek: you will be needing to go around, and ask questions to get the answers you will need.

  • It is important you have a sound interest in technology (physics, electronics, software development, applications) without feeling the need to grasp all in detail yourself; you should act as an integrator for activities.
  • You are comfortable at dealing with customers, you are an easy communicator¬†
  • You keep your eyes open for process improvements to avoid future rework, to speed up development, etc.
  • Preferred backgrounds: aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, physics, technical software development.
  • Minimum of 4 yrs of industrial experience
  • Education: BSc or MSc level

Technical Project Manager/Integrator

Trinamics, Eindhoven
Project Manager, Technical Project Manager
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