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Senior Program manager/Change leader

We are looking for a Program Manager to manage our change portfolio focused on improving the Client Experience of our (international) Daily Banking corporate clients. As we are servicing our clients from 20 locations across Europe, the role will entail building a One Bank Experience for our clients across these locations. Ideally, the change leader is familiar with daily banking services and the new world of customer journeys, one agile way of working and Omni channel. In this position you are part of a multidisciplinary team of Process and Subject Matter Experts, working in an Agile/SCRUM environment to build and maintain ING's daily banking services for our clients. Your job duties include to: * Help us define and implement the CX vision and service model * Build a CX roadmap (1-3 years' time span) and keep it up to date and adjust based on quarterly (agile) execution cycle * Act as program manager when it comes to accountability of delivery on set (agile) delivery goals * Instruct and manage a core team of cross border project members * Ensure that solutions proposed are in line with the standard global solutions * Maintain relations through regular updates and Steering Committee at ING Group at MBB -1 level * Prepare Steering Committee packs with clear decision making points & solution proposals. Ensure that through regular governance structure all relevant stakeholders are part of decision making * Keep an oversight of the change budget and make proposals on budget utilization * Adhere to New Ways of Working within ING by working towards execution in an agile manner: Adhere to the quarterly (QBR cycle) of delivery with clear tracking of epics, features & user stories. Submission of demand-supply are catered through deep dives & integral alignment end to end with bank wide strategic programs

Analysis and implementation are performed in an international context, this requires from you a drive for execution, ability to operate cross domain and implementing global solutions. All communication is in English and therefore your English language skills should be above average., * Excellent oversight and structuration skills; * Good organizational skills with the ability to co-ordinate and prioritize work; * Good knowledge of Daily Banking; * Persistent, open and convincing way of communicating with all levels in the organization * Experienced in customer journeys & Omni channel transformations; * Ability to persuade people and to turn resistance into cooperation; * Excellent analytical skills/design thinker; * Desire to take end-to-end responsibility; * Attention to detail; * Interest in IT; * Focus on execution and delivery, used to work under pressure of deadlines; * Ability to operate individually; * Networker and team player * Strong interpersonal and communication (orally and in writing) skills; * Good command of English as a language; * Willing to work abroad on occasion.

Apply directly online, click on Apply for this job. For further inquiries, please contact Birthe Jonkman, Global Head of Client Experience. Please send your CV and motivation. We are looking forward to your application! For more information on vacancies please check

Senior Program manager/Change leader

ING, Netherlands
Employment type: 
Permanent contract
Targeted title(s): 
Interim Manager, Program Manager, IT Engineer
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