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Senior iOS Developer

Accenture Interactive is part creative agency, part business consultancy, and part technology powerhouse. We help the world’s leading organizations create and deliver the best customer experiences that live at the intersection of innovation and purpose. From our fun and informal base on the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam, you’ll play a crucial role in developing innovative, engaging, and stellar mobile platforms.

Your Job 

You might just be our new Senior iOS Developer if you are able to turn business goals into stunning mobile platform experiences and lead the way for our iOS team. As a Senior iOS Developer, you will architect and develop experiences according to specifications and follow coding and performance tuning standards. You will act as the anchor and lead of our iOS team. You are a team player who understands and can manage complex business environments, knows how to motivate others, and can improve the overall performance and quality of the team. Next to your awesome and high-quality coding skills we are looking for someone that can:

  • Train, coach, motivate and inspire team mates to become top-notch iOS developers

  • Further build and scale our team towards a solid highly skilled iOS squad

  • Experiment, identify and lead in promising and upcoming technologies and validate business viability

  • Collaborate and align with our Design, Marketing, Data & Analytics and Value Architecture teams on a day-to-day basis

  • Implement industry-changing digital transformations and improve business performance using digital technology and data insights

  • Represent and demonstrate our passion regarding digital technology and experiences towards our clients and partners

Your team 

At Accenture Interactive, we consider ourselves as the most effective 'digital enablers' around. And with good reason: your colleagues help, guide, and inspire clients, both big and small across all industries, with complex and challenging IT transformations. From analysing, identifying, and implementing the best fitting front-end technology, to integrating complex secure system architectures, our Accenture Interactive engineering team is home to innovation, best-of-breed software development and stunning customer experiences. We have a visionary engineering culture where we encourage entrepreneurship and support great ideas. This also guides us in how we build relationships with our clients. We believe in doing it together, acting and working as One. Celebrating successes together, but also learning from failures together. Yes, we work hard, but we have fun while doing it!

Why this is(n’t) for you

  • Yes, if you like working at a digital studio but are also excited about enterprise-grade, complex challenges

  • Yes, if you want an employer that actively helps you follow/define your career path and encourages you to develop deep expertise in multiple areas

  • Yes, if you want to work as a team lead while also delving into innovative new technologies

  • No, if you like things to stay the same and think you’ve learned it all

  • No, if you view supporting less experienced colleagues as a necessary evil to progress your career

  • No, if customer experience is just a buzzword to you

Senior iOS Developer

Accenture, Amsterdam
IT, Developer, iOS Developer
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