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Mechanical Vendor Component Engineer

Mechanical Vendor Component Engineer



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Are you the accurate and communicative engineer who will support other engineers and designers from the Hardware Components perspective? Are you interested in standardization?

Job Mission

The job mission is to investigate and decide on standard vendor components (VC) which comply with the Quality, Logistics, Technology and Costs (QLTC) requirements of ASML.

Job Description

* You will create and maintain the VC's in the components groups which you are responsible for.
* You are able to support projects in component selection. This requires technical and social skills and success highly depends on your attitude (service oriented).
* You are able to investigate all relevant information of standard components and compare them with the requirements of the requestor and ASML
* You are able to check the reliability of the standard component and get proof from manufacturer or by performing additional tests
* You are able to present your opinion to all levels in the organization and are familiar with every applicable detail
* You are able to perform under high time pressure with a high frequency of interrupts as well as creative in finding solutions
* You are able to investigate all relevant processes, which are used within or have an impact on the development organization and discuss the impact with all levels within the ASML organization
* You are able to investigate a process/initiative and their impact and steer the project group to find the optimum solution


Bachelor or Master degree in Mechanical engineering or Physics.


* experience in product engineering
* experience in communication with different stakeholders across the organization

Personal skills

* You communicate very well in English
* You are familiar with computer applications and you learn quickly about new ones
* You are good in planning and forecasting the risks
* You are able to set up procedures and WoW for e.g. process control, process maintenance,
* process ownership, publication and training purposes
* You are willing to educate yourself in all required fields and keep up to date
* You are very accurate and you have an attention to details
* You have good communication / human relations skills
* Willing to travel to ASML factories, customers and suppliers (max 20%)

Context of the position

Within ASML the sector Development Engineering (DE) Mechanical Hardware (MH) Opto Mechanics (OM) is responsible for the specification and the design of ASML products. The department Hardware Standardization is responsible for:
* Standardization of mechanical parts & labels
* Norms and standards

The Component Engineer reports hierarchically to the group leader HW Standardization and functionally to the team leader HW Standardization.

Other Information

the hiring manager is Paul Ebben.

the recruiter is Stephan Sonnemans.

Mechanical Vendor Component Engineer

ASML, North Brabant
Employment type: 
Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract
Targeted title(s): 
Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering
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