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Environmental Engineer

We are looking for an Environmental Engineer to join our HSSEQ team in Rotterdam (Maasvlakte).

Your part in Neste journey - It is a great time to join us!

We believe that it is the task of each generation to leave its children a healthier planet. To succeed in this we create responsible choices, everyday – choices that enable people to live a more sustainable life and consume fewer natural resources.

There are roughly 5.500 Neste Employees in Europe, Asia and North America. We are the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel refined from waste and residues, and we are also bringing renewable solutions to the aviation and plastics industries. We are looking for the best professionals in their respective fields – people who have the will to make the world a cleaner place to live. Neste Netherlands is part of the Renewable Production organization. Neste’s Refinery, located in Rotterdam (Maasvlakte) has an annual production capacity of 1.200.000 tons (or 1.2 billion liters) per year. The refinery came on stream in 2011 and is Neste's fourth renewable diesel plant and the largest and most advanced facility in Europe.

Are you up for the challenge? Be part of one of our talented teams and join us on our journey to a carbon-neutral world.

In your role you will be responsible for developing and applying the environmental management system and advising management on environmental issues in such a way that the required permits are obtained and retained and the organization works according to set requirements. 


Neste Netherlands is a company for the production of renewable fuels and raw materials for the chemical industry. There are two Dutch branches, the largest is found in the Maasvlakte, the other is near Sluiskil. The company is part of an internationally operating firm with their head offices in Finland. The factories’ high-quality technology is exclusive and innovative. As a result, there are many operational and technical issues that appeal to the commitment, knowledge and inventiveness of the staff. In addition, the government sets very high environmental standards and safety requirements for processes and operations.

The position is situated in the HSSEQ department of Neste Netherlands, within the Maasvlakte location. The department advises and supports management, and operational and maintenance services in meeting the high internal and external standards in the field of HSSEQ (Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality). The department operates from the Maasvlakte but also supports the Sluiskil location. The environmental engineer will partially be deployed there as well. 

The HSSEQ department initiates and coordinates activities related to the environment (permits, installations, emission control and waste management), safety (installations, working conditions and people), health, security and quality in order to promote sustainability of Neste operations. Along with the occupational safety engineers, the process safety engineer and a group of security contractors, the environmental engineer reports directly to the local HSSEQ manager.

In addition to the primary role in the Netherlands, the environmental engineer will be part of an international network of Neste HSSEQ specialists. The position will contribute to the development of the corporate environment and sustainability programs and to the performance of audits.

The environmental engineer maintains good relations with government departments, regulators and stakeholders in the vicinity of the factory and promotes the interests of the company. A good relationship promotes a flexible licensing process. In the case of environmental incidents, a good relationship will help the supervisors’ correct handling thereof. Not granting a permit in time or not meeting important environmental requirements can lead to the factory being shut down. The environmental engineer will promote environmental awareness and performance of the operational sites and strives for improvements and reduction of environmental impact. While developing and maintaining the internal environmental management system, the environmental engineer will collaborate with the Production, Maintenance and Technical departments in particular. 



Minimum professional and intellectual capacities at the academic or higher professional education level with a minimum of 7 years of relevant experience.

Practical and theoretical knowledge of environment, waste management, permit issuance, external safety


- knowledge of care systems

- knowledge of related disciplines such as environmental management, but also safety and quality.

- administrative management processes

- Fluent Dutch and English language skills on business level 

Interactive skills

- The ability to represent the company in front of the government and external parties

- The ability to communicate at different levels, from management to operational

- Advisory skills.

In accordance, we believe in people who find new ways of doing things – people for whom safety and sustainability are part of their professional skills. Customer mindset is essential to all of us at Neste and we work hard to find the best solutions for our customers. We believe everyone is a leader and share a natural desire for collaboration. If all this, as well as our values on WE CARE, WE HAVE COURAGE, WE COOPERATE resonate with you, you are the talent we are looking for.

Come and do meaningful work in a community that has its eyes set forward!

If you have any questions regarding the process or the position, please get in touch with the Rotterdam HR department via or +31 610 19 21 74 (Jacob Faber)

Please submit your application as soon as possible

The recruitment process includes interviews and an assessment.

The person selected for the position must pass a security background check that will be obtained for the persons with their consent.

Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated.

Environmental Engineer

Neste, Rotterdam
Environmental Engineer, Engineering
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