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Development Engineer Simulation

Development Engineer Simulation

Quick Facts

* Country
The Netherlands
* Experience
5+ years
* Location
Damen Shipyards Gorinchem (Gorinchem)
* Level of education
* Activity
* Job area


Simulation Development within the R&D Department is an enabler: an enabler for knowledge transfer by means of software tools, an enabler in setting up a simulation platform that connects all tools and an enabler in facilitating the R&D Department to excel in its ambition to create superior value by adding technical knowledge. The tools developed within the R&D Department contain valuable knowledge and can have a big impact on the Damen vessel designs, it is therefore important that the tools are validated and secure, well programmed and well documented; all this are responsibilities of Simulation Development. Moreover Simulation Development is responsible for data handling, the R&D databases and the application of data science. As a Simulation Development Engineer you will focus on the development of simulation tools and methods for complex calculations. Next to self-developed tools, a wide variety of 3rd party and in-house developed tools are available to perform both static and
dynamic simulations. You will operate in a network of R&D engineers and collaborate with colleagues in Gorinchem, Ukraine and Singapore to reach your goals.

Tasks & Responsibilities

* Coordinate and contribute to tool development within R&D department.
* Initiate projects for new tool developments.
* Develop a framework for simulation environment.
* Mediate with R&D Engineers and tool-users.

Your Profile

* Master degree in computer science, maritime technology or equivalent level.
* Minimal 2 years relevant working experience.
* Conversant with MATLAB and or Python.
* Planning and result focused.
* Personal leadership.
* Good communication skills and customer-oriented.
* Independent, practical attitude, critical, analytical.
* Good command of the Dutch and English language, both verbal and writing skills.

Department Information

The Research & Development (R&D) department gives support to, and collaborates very closely with, the Damen business units and sister companies in the development of an innovative product portfolio. The R&D department aspires to critically check designs and concepts and to proactively give technical advices to improve quality and performance of the products and services. In addition there is a proactive collaboration with the Business Development, the Business Units, Services and the Repair & Conversion branch of the Damen Group. The R&D department has the goal to develop knowledge in all strategically relevant technical knowledge domains and to make it accessible to the relevant stakeholders. In these technical knowledge domains, Damen wants to be among the best in the world in order to stimulate innovation based on a sound technical knowledge and to contribute to product developments throughout the Damen Group. In this role the R&D department and especially the development
teams critically follow the technological developments and act independently from the business units.

Development Engineer Simulation

Damen, Gorinchem
Employment type: 
Permanent contract, Temporary fixed-term contract
Targeted title(s): 
R&D Engineer, Development Engineer
Career level: