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Dev Enginee Tibco EMS

Anyone interested in digital (banking) understands why ING is transforming and working hard towards an IT company having it's own unique Top Engineering culture. And of course we are not a FinTech start-up and we don't have the image of a social media dominator like Facebook and we're not an awesome state of the art car producer like Tesla. But… We are working hard to stay ahead in being a financial innovator offering the best possible solutions and services to millions of appreciated clients all over the globe. And there for we are looking for a Dev/Ops Engineer BI telling us what we should do better and how to keep offering the best services to both our business and private customers. Get an impression here: Your working environment: Infra NL At ING we are currently in the middle of a transformation of our IT Infrastructure department (Infra NL) towards an organization of DevOps squads with an Agile way of working. The main goal is to increase the End2End agility of IT delivery in the Netherlands. To turn Infra NL into a true IT infrastructure provider we change our purpose towards delivering reliable IT infrastructure services, including tooling to enable our customers to take responsibility for development and day-to-day operations on their own instances. We want to rapidly improve the maturity of the new organisation including its Agile practices now that the new organization is live since 15 November 2016. What's a Dev Engineer Oracle within ING? You are responsible for the availability of the service of your squad, you identify and analyse problems and takes the lead in solving incidents and innovation of the solution. You continuously strive to improve the solution, yourself and your colleagues in the DevOps way of working. You have a broad and diverse set of competencies that allow you to maintain and develop the standardized and highly automated infrastructure services of your squad.

* A broad understanding of technologies and consumer needs; * Experience with developing solution based on TIBCO BW and TIBCO BPM * Experience with operational activities of TIBCO EMS, BW and BPM * Extensive knowlegde of Red Hat Linux, Jenkins and GIT * Working knowledge of configuration tools like Puppet, Chef or Ansible * Scripting experience in at least one of the following: Java, Python, Bash * Experience with virtualization environments and tools e.g., VMware, Cloud Forms * Working-level knowledge of Agile and DevOps practices; * A mindset of openness and willingness to try new ways of working and technologies; * Strong team player skills; * Mindset of continuous improvement of the service and way of working; Your education and background * at least Bachelor's degree, preferably in Information Technology * Experience from working in high performing Agile IT teams Track record of successfully automating operations of software products * Certifications and/or proven proficiency in one or more programming/scripting languages * Good understanding of Dutch and English

* A good salary * Benefits like a 13th month, Public Transfer Business Card, Pension scheme etc. * Healthy food and delicious coffees every day; * The opportunity to excel in what you do and become better every day; * A dynamic and agile (international) working environment. Dependable on your technical expertise we will offer you a job within (Name your department/ explain what it entails) or one of the other development chapters / areas

Are you intersted? Then apply for this job now! For further inquiries, please contact Mireille van der Meer, IT Recruiter at We are looking forward to your application! For more information on vacancies please check,

Dev Enginee Tibco EMS

ING, Netherlands
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Permanent contract
Software Engineer, IT Engineer, Business Intelligence Engineer
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